Stigma & Discrimination Reporting System

Any person or organization who believes he/she or someone else has experienced or is experiencing Stigmatization and Discrimination may report the incident through any of the three options below:

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Respondent Information
Occupation of the Respondent
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Remedy Sought
I certify that all the information I have provided above is the true reflection of my petition to the Commission and by filling the space below with my name constitutes authenticating this petition as required by Regulation 1(3) (c) of CHRAJ (INVESTIGATIONS PROCEDURE REGULATIONS, 2010 [C.I. 67]) which provides :

"A complaint made in writing may be addressed to the Commissioner or the Commissioner’s regional or district representative and the complainant shall authenticate, the written complaint."

Your confidentiality is our priority. If you wish to submit a complaint without letting CHRAJ know your identity, you may ask someone else or an institution/organization to submit the case on your behalf. (Your consent may be needed.)

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Stigma Discrimination Reporting System
Stigma Discrimination Reporting System

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